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Why Pre-Approval Is an Important Step Today

 Why Pre-Approval Is an Important Step for Today’s HomebuyersBeing intentional and competitive are musts when buying a home this season. That’s why pre-approval is so

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A Look Into "Zestimates"

Zillow Offers collapse is proof of the Zestimate's inaccuracyZillow’s decision to shut down its iBuying business is more than just a response to the volatility of the Zestimate, but rather an

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You First Year

Moving can be exciting, and it can also be scary. It can be smooth sailing or so wrought with silly (or serious) issues that your cat peeing in the box of towels because you haven't unpacked his cat

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Social Media Etiquette for Business Owners

The constant evolution of social media can make it difficult to stay on top of etiquette and best practices for those platforms, especially if you’re an infrequent user. Each social media

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